Welcome to the farm!


May 12, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Written by jessicagochnour


500 acres. That’s what we have. That land supports our family. It also supplies a goat dairy with feed each year.

Without our farm, and farms like ours, there would be significantly less food available in the United States, but this is changing quickly.

500 acres sounds like a lot, but the average acreage of farms continues to increase as land is purchased cheaply as an investment and sold for development.

We grow hay, corn, triticale, and for the first time this year, beans. We work in a crop rotation, which means we don’t plant the same thing in the same field year after year.

Each summer, we’re allocated four acre feet of water. Except not lately, because of the drought.

We’ve lost one acre foot in an effort to conserve water. That’s a discussion for another post. 

Small farms are still important and they have their place.